Wiley4sheriff.org is gone(the election is over) I have placed a local copy here just for demonstration purposes

-Brian Jaeger

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Please take an opportunity to explore this website and learn more about Tim Wiley and his mission to serve the public in St. Clair County as your next Sheriff in 2008!



Elect Tim Wiley
Elect Tim Wiley
Ray Foltz

Republican Ray Foltz
Retired FBI agent

"Tim Wiley and I recognize this county's diverse needs. I am prepared to join his team and blend my knowledge of national security with his community policing expertise. Together we will begin to restore the trust in local law enforcement by developing a sheriff department that truly serves the needs of this county."

Patsy Chapman

Democrat Patsy Chapman
Port Huron School Board Trustee

"As a Port Huron School Board trustee, I understand the important connection between education and crime prevention. I am confident that as sheriff, Tim Wiley will make good use of that connection and help our young people travel the right path. I am behind his candidacy 100%."

We dedicate our 2008 Sheriff campaign in loving memory of...

Marilyn Lee Merrick

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