I will use this space for some of my mental wanderings...

I don't know if I think; therefore, I'm spam agnostic. If you think that you think, then you have faith that I have yet to discover. The most concrete thing I've figured out is that everything is not absolute. These words are nothing but tools to express whatever this reality might be.

I believe that medium is not important just as words are not important; however, the artistic tool I use the most is a computer. Technology enables my art to stretch across and beyond: print, web design, photography, and professional magic.

I agree with Andy Warhol that "Art is whatever you can get away with." My art is designed to get money. I'm a whore and a techno magician, I could tell ya'll how I do it but then I would be out of a job.

I enjoy Goa/Psy trance(music), Doctor Who?, trips to the DIA(Detroit Institute of Art), and Taco Bell(food).

r/crafts - Logo

Logo I made for the subreddit /r/crafts. It's actually being used :P -the first few versions had evilish eyes...

Jedi Tux

Buddy of mine wanted me to make a vector version of this (I don't know who made the original) -I rounded the head & reshaped the sleeve

Wall Stretcher

Dave had a promotional image taken of him at cranbrook. When I saw it I thought it would be cool to streach the wall he was standing next to...

Goose Attack!

There is a female goose w/nest just behind the mailbox... Shelli did the filming with her little still camera so there is no audio.

Fractal Wallpaper

I dont remember exactly why I made this... I threw some random numbers at a fractal program and got the pic on the left (small sample of the image). Next, I took it into Photoshop and added a bit of psychedelic. Download the complete 1600x1200 image here... fractal-1600x1200.jpg or by clicking on the right image sample above.


This is one of my first attempts at composing video with After Effects. I thought it would be fun to animate a still picture to look around, wink, speak, eat, and shoot smoke out of it. Note: The smoke is coming from more than his mouth.

Zombie Sight

Zombie Webiste

A silly class project mad(e) with notepad++ jquery and photoshop



How To Be AWESOME - Mike Grant
Stefan Schull
Wall Stretcher
Art by ASI - My Uncle & Cousin's Art and Sports Art company



Web Stuphs

A List Apart
CSS Zen Garden

Art Stuphs

Alex Grey
Naoto Hattori

Social Networking

My Space - I have not logged in over 3 years...


My Brute - random fighting flash game